The Next Right Thing

Hi runners!
It's almost spring! A time for change, a time for growth, a time for donating all the "fierce" clothes you purchased this past year that you never wore.

Recently, I entered a new phase in my running journey; what am I running toward? The easy answer is, "all 'dem medals!" A slightly deeper answer would be; "fitness, weight-loss and overall health." But neither of those answers, really sat well with me. A: I will never have enough medals...that's just a fact.  And B: I'm fully aware that for me, fitness is going to be a constant struggle and goal, whether or not I run. Though, to be fair, both answers were at one point, accurate. And neither are fully inaccurate. However, something shifted.

I found myself in a place where I was feeling super confident that I could wake up on any day and bust out a 5k, or a 10k. If given a day's notice, I could likely push myself through a half marathon. I wouldn't PR, but I'd finish.…

You've Got a Friend in Me

Hey team!

On January 11th, I completed the runDisney Marathon Weekend, half-marathon. It was my 5th half-marathon and my 1st experience at the Marathon Weekend. It was an amazing trip overall, with many firsts and many favorite repeats. This trip definitely sits in my top three Disney trips and was for sure one of my favorite times on a run. I haven't fully explored why that is we're going to go on this exploration together. Buckle up...who knows what's about to unfold!?

As I said, the trip itself was incredible. I had the privilege of hanging out with some dear friends and their four amazing kids. It's not often that I experience Disney World with children, and I'm so glad I got the opportunity. As much as I love being in a Disney park (shocking, right?), seeing Disney through the eyes of a child is absolutely magical. The pure joy and honest emotions that children emote is something to strive for, as an adult. And taking a child on one of your favorite r…


Hey gang!

     This past November 3rd, I completed my 4th runDisney Half Marathon, and I'd like to share my adventure and experience with you. That sounds like I'm asking permission. Which I'm not. It's happening.
Below you will find my account specifically surrounding the runDisney portion of my most recent trip to Walt Disney World. For a more in depth account of the trip overall, head on over to the Gays Do the D podcast and listen to episode 61. Or don't. Maybe that's not your thing. Live your life. It just might be a little less complete without Gays do the D.

Friday, 11/1 - 11:30am EST:
     My flight from Minneapolis lands at the Orlando airport. I've checked a bag, using the Disney Magical Express service (which sends your bag directly from the airport to your resort room), so I bypass luggage pickup. I head directly to the All Star Sports resort, check-in, drop off my run gear (I pack all of my running gear in my carry-on, just in case my checked ba…

Be Prepared

Hey gang! And Happy Halloween! Today's post won't be too scary...beyond thinking about running a half marathon...that's pretty frightening.

     Over the past 19 weeks, I've been training for the runDisney Wine and Dine half marathon, (November 3rd 2019) and I figured this would be a good time to chat about how I prepare for a runDisney event. I thought the title of this post was a clever tie-in from the Lion King, but now that I'm thinking it over, Scar dies at the end. That's not super reassuring. I think I'll keep it anyway. I mean, if you don't prepare well for a half marathon, you may end up falling into a pit of fire and/or attacked by hyenas. That's just a fact.

     Before we get started, it's important to know that I am in no way suggesting that everyone or anyone should follow what I do. If you find something useful in my routine, GREAT! This is all about what has worked for me in the past. As per usual...this is alllllll about me…

To All Who Come To This Happy RACE, Welcome

Hello and welcome to the first of many blog posts. Is that too aggressive? The first of several?  The first of an undetermined amount of blog posts. That works. Before we get too far, here's a little info about me and what I hope to provide to you, the reader.

     My name is Patrick Kozicky. I'm 37 years old. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I currently live with my wonderful husband and two usually wonderful dogs. We also have a cat, but only when she decides to be recognized as part of the family. I'm a sometimes actor for local theatrical productions. I'm also one of two co-hosts for a Disney themed podcast called Gays Do the D. We chat about all things Disney, with an LGBTQ+ perspective. And that's all there is to know about me. What if I ended it there? That would be very punk-rock.

     I imagine more about my life and history will come out through more blog posts, but lets get to what we're all here for. Or what I'm here for an…