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You've Got a Friend in Me

Hey team! On January 11th, I completed the runDisney Marathon Weekend, half-marathon. It was my 5th half-marathon and my 1st experience at the Marathon Weekend. It was an amazing trip overall, with many firsts and many favorite repeats. This trip definitely sits in my top three Disney trips and was for sure one of my favorite times on a run. I haven't fully explored why that is we're going to go on this exploration together. Buckle up...who knows what's about to unfold!? As I said, the trip itself was incredible. I had the privilege of hanging out with some dear friends and their four amazing kids. It's not often that I experience Disney World with children, and I'm so glad I got the opportunity. As much as I love being in a Disney park (shocking, right?), seeing Disney through the eyes of a child is absolutely magical. The pure joy and honest emotions that children emote is something to strive for, as an adult. And taking a child on one of your favorit