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The Next Right Thing

Hi runners! It's almost spring! A time for change, a time for growth, a time for donating all the "fierce" clothes you purchased this past year that you never wore. Recently, I entered a new phase in my running journey; what am I running toward? The easy answer is, "all 'dem medals!" A slightly deeper answer would be; "fitness, weight-loss and overall health." But neither of those answers, really sat well with me. A: I will never have enough medals...that's just a fact.  And B: I'm fully aware that for me, fitness is going to be a constant struggle and goal, whether or not I run. Though, to be fair, both answers were at one point, accurate. And neither are fully inaccurate. However, something shifted. I found myself in a place where I was feeling super confident that I could wake up on any day and bust out a 5k, or a 10k. If given a day's notice, I could likely push myself through a half marathon. I wouldn't PR, but I'd fin